Dangerous toys ‘could flood the UK’ after Brexit if EU Safety Gate system is blocked, says Which?

Dangerous cars, electrical goods and toys could flood into the UK after Brexit unless the government reforms the current “failing” safety enforcement system, the consumer group Which? said today.

The group has said that UK consumers will be ‘vulnerable to delays in spotting and dealing with unsafe products’ if access to the European Safety Gate system is blocked.

The scheme, which contains 31 European countries alerting each other around potentially dangerous products, issued 34 per cent more notifications in 2018 than a decade ago.

Figures from the OECD and EUIPO show that counterfeit goods now represent up to five per cent of all EU imports, a value of around €85 billion. Experts now find what the long-term effects of what Brexit will mean for these stats hard to predict.

One recommendation to try and stop a wave of counterfeits and dangerous products being imported in the event of no deal Brexit is for the UK to continue to participate in (and fund) customs duties for agencies like the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

This is at least until the UK is able to replicate existing systems and procedures and implements a co-ordinated approach to customs controls, anti-fraud and counterfeiting.

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