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Kickstarter project Solar City bankrupted as ‘CEO flees country’

The team behind a Kickstarter backed board game set in a sustainable future of 2035 has fallen into disarray following the disappearance of its president.

Games Factory secured just over $95,000 in June last year for its tabletop title Solar City, a sci-fi board game that puts players in charge of designing a futuristic city in 2035.

However, the company soon ran into trouble when it experienced a delay that saw the company “very close to bankruptcy.” The struggle didn’t end there, and this week Games Factory has announced that is has now gone under.

It is alleged that the company’s president has since ‘fled the country.’

The update was posted to the project’s Kickstarter campaign page by a member of the Games Factory team, stating that its president – who oversaw all logistics, production and finances – had fled and not informed of the firm’s financial situation.

The update reads as follows:

Before we explain to you everything, we are forced to announce that the BGCK and Solar City campaigns, despite our best efforts, will not come to fruition.

We are very sorry that everything ends like this. We know that you entrusted us and apologies are not enough to make you feel how sorry we are, but that’s all we can do in this situation.

In the first week of February the president of our company (and also the person who was responsible for all the finances, production and logistics) resigned and fled the country.

As a result, the remaining director began to learn about the monstrous mass of shortcomings, debts, inaccuracies and lies that were hidden.

Until the beginning of February, we were running normal, everyday activities in the company, not knowing about it’s real situation and about the financial issues that are going back to the beginning of 2018.

We had a budget for the coming year, a plan for the premieres and production of new games and projects, and also a plan for refunds for the BGCK campaign, made for the whole year.

While it is game over for the firm, Solar City will have a Polish release, but will not ship internationally.

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