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Celebrate 150 years of the Periodic Table in this superhero card game

The matter that this year marks the 150th anniversary of the periodic table would have, astonishingly, passed many of us by.

That’s not the case, however, for card game designer and science-nut, Richard Cope who is marking the occasion with his newest invention; a game designed to teach children about the periodic table by turning all 73 elements into superheroes.

Designed to “inject magic and awe” into the world of chemistry, Elements Kapa aims to bring the elements from the periodic table to life through a game that challenges players to use each superhero’s abilities in a Top Trumps-style of play. These abilities are told through the game’s unique imagery and character (and element) bios on the reverse of each card.

It is Cope’s mission to give children confidence and a head-start in recognising and understanding the world around them, and the fascination of chemistry by presenting the periodic table in a new light.

“This is such an important message because, yes the cards teach chemistry, yes the cards introduce awe back into chemistry, but at the centre of the game is a model to give children confidence in science,” Cope told ToyNews.

“I want them to walk into their first science lesson, look at the Periodic table and say ‘hang on… I know this.”

Elements Kapa is aimed at children aged seven and upwards, but according to Cope has already caught the attention of “plenty of adult gamers”, particularly surrounding today’s “massive trend for superheroes and the growing market for independent publishers of tabletop games.

“The game was inspired by seeing my boss’ children playing Pokémon some 20 years ago, and being amazed at how much information they were gleaning from the cards,” continued Cope. “I wondered if a game could be made that could offer information based on fact, something that could actually be useful someday.

“Years of working on the concept has delivered me Elements Kapa.”

Cope is currently looking for distribution and retail placement for the first fun of playing and trading cards.

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