1939 Games secures $3.6 million for digital collectable cards game

The indie game studio 1939 Games has just secured $3.6 million in funding to continue development of its digital collectable card game, Kards.

A tech specialist with a passion for the history of WWII, Kards aims to bring an ‘authentic and premium experience to gamers,’ and can be played on PC and mobile.

Funding for the game has arrived form a collection of private and public sources, including government grants and international investors such as Tencent, Sisu Game Ventures, and Crowberry Capital, all to help the Icelandic team take the title to the next level of development.

“This funding enables the team at 1939 Games to continue to deliver our vision of creating a high quality, historically accurate WWII-themed digital collectable card game,” said the firm. “Kards fuses our two passions of WWII and collectable card games, and we continually strive to deliver a historically accurate experience that will delight CCG fans as well as WWII aficionados.”

The step forward for the digital deck-building game highlights the current move forward for trading card  and deck building card games, as they embrace the digital realm.

Leading figures in the UK’s gaming market have highlighted the digital space as one to watch for the growth of trading cards and card gaming.

Asmodee UK managing director, Alex Green has told ToyNews that he expects technology to play greater roles in the gaming space, particularly with trading cards, whether that is “taking the digital medium to the game play, or bringing card games into the digital space,” in the coming future.

“It offers a space for gamers to play the games they love, all of the time; to always be connected and be able to play on mobile or with their friends in the physical at any time,” he said.

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