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LEGO triumphs over Chinese imitator in trademark battle

LEGO has beaten another Chinese imitator in its latest trademark battle, having now seen the UK IPO cancel the trademark of a company making ‘almost identical’ products.

LEGO had been battling to get the trademark belonging to a company called Lepin for over a year. Its owner Longjun Toys had the trademark removed last week. It asked LEGO to provide proof of its own trademark dominance, to which LEGO responded with five years of sales figures.

The IPO cancelled the trademark on Tuesday, March 19th, stating that ‘consumers were likely to be confused when trying to distinguish between LEGO and Lepin.’

In particular, Lepin’s logo uses “the same colours as the applicant’s mark in a highly similar structural way.” The IPO suggested that consumers may believe Lepin’s products are a Chinese version of LEGO.

Lepin’s line up included the likes of Lepin Star Wars, Lepin City, Lepin Technician and Lepin Creator Expert.

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