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Jazwares taps Toy Partner to “cultivate household name for brand” in Iberian market

Jazwares has made a move for the Iberian market through a strategic new partnership with the prominent distributor, Toy Partner.

The toy and licensing specialist has earmarked the Iberian market as ‘essential to its global expansion,’ and with toy Partner now in place, the firm is able to strengthen its European presence.

“This partnership will cultivate Jazwares into a household name in Spanish and Portuguese markets,” said Arthur Ferreira, VP of international sales at Jazwares.

Consumers in the Iberian market can now expect to find Jazwares’ licensed lines on shelves this year, including the likes of Fortnite, Domez, Roblox and more.

Hector Rubini, chief executive of Toy Partner, said: “We are proud to partner with Jazwares. We believe they are one of the most important players in the industry and there is no doubt they will continue to bring excitement and innovation to the toy aisle.

“We are committed to providing all efforts to make Jazwares’ brands benchmarks of success in Iberia.”

Laura Zebersky, chief commercial officer of Jazwares, concluded: “The importance of growing Jazwares’ global footprint is at the forefront of our international strategy in 2019. We are excited to see growth in this key European market.”

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