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Wow! Stuff secures exclusive and official patent to Heliball brand name

Award winning toy firm Wow! Stuff has secured the exclusive and official patent to the brand name Heliball following an EU court case for the IP.

The company can now confirm that its patented Heliball is the officially owned IP, incorporating the Rehco patent under license exclusively in Europe and other regions.

Ewan Gibb, legal counsel for Wow! Stuff said: “We are delighted that following our long-term business partnership with Rehco LLC and their success in the courts that we are able to make it clear to anyone taking products that look like Heliball, that there is only one Heliball and that it is the brand leader in entry level price point of RC flying toys.”

Heliball in partnership with Rehco features an Auto Hover. Wow! Stuff has stipulated that is is ‘specifically the only official brand with Auto Hover technology.’

Heliball has additional IP owned wholly by Wow! Stuff, including but not limited to trademarks and design registrations for a flying ball.

Gibb added: “Heliball is exclusive to and owned by Wow! Stuff. We have worked with Steve and Jeff Rehkemper for many years and while many infringing products have copied Heliball, we want to make it clear that we will support the pursuit of infringing items and any unscrupulous retailers or persons that do not wish to check if they are selling legal product.”

Wow! Stuff has stated that any retailer or distributor concerned over the legitimacy of their stock can contact Gibb via ewan.gibb@wowstuff.com

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