Zuru acquires popular dolls brand Sparkle Girlz

Zuru is strengthening its position in the dolls market with the acquisition of the Sparkle Girlz doll brand.

Developed by Danuta Saville as Funville, Sparkle Girlz is a ten year old brand that features an extensive range of products that incorporate fun, fantasy and fashion into a variety of dolls. 

According to the firm’s press release, Sparkle Girlz has seen strong brand growth since its beginnings, now distributing its products globally.

Anna Mowbray, COO of Zuru, said: “The brand is a perfect fit to the Zuru model. Exceptional quality and design at affordable prices. 

"I see so much synergy between what Danuta and John Saville have developed alongside the passion, creativity and business success of Zuru.

“We have exciting product development plans and marketing initiatives that we know will rapidly grow and elevate the brand and look forward to adding this range to our girls portfolio.”

Founder Danuta Saville, added, “The success of Zuru coupled with the drive of a young, dynamic and visionary team makes them a great partner in driving the Sparkle Girlz brand forward.

“After 49 years in the toy industry I am delighted to see this exciting progression of the Sparkle Girlz brand. I know the brand will grow phenomenally with Zuru behind it.”

The product range includes iconic themed dolls such as fairies and princesses, hair styling unicorns, baby dolls, interactive play sets, castles, surprise collectables and more. 

The brand also works to integrate environmentally friendly packaging into more of its products. 

The dolls category is valued at USD$1.8 Billion and has grown 13.1 per cent since 2017. 

Play patterns surrounding dolls show no sign of slowing down as they continue to hold a key role in instilling creativity, empathy and compassion in children. 

Sparkle Girlz have a stable presence in all sub-categories providing huge opportunities for Zuru to continue developing the brand in partnership with Danuta. 

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