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Toy Fair 2019: Flair unveils Gormiti master toy line ahead of new series

GP Flair has lifted the lid on a new master toy line based n the new 3D CGI animated series, Gormiti.

The brand is making its return to the big time this year as the extensive collection prepares for its major launch this autumn.

The toy line is inspired by the new animated TV series Gormiti which itself is based on the Gormiti characters created by Giochi Prezioso back in 2005.

In a short time, Gormiti became a global success across Europe, finding distribution in more than 50 countries. Sales of over 500 million toys generated retail revenue of €1.5 billion.

The first season of the new Gormiti series will land on CITV in Q1 2019 with a run of 52 episodes. Each episode will combine action and comedy for kids aged five to eight years old.

‘When four children encounter the One Tower, an ancient forgotten fortress on the island of Gorm, it is as if all their heroic dreams suddenly became reality,’ reads a description of the new series. 

‘Here they find the Elemental Bracers, which allow them to evoke the legendary Gormiti and fight with the Darkans, ancestral enemies of the Gormiti. The children must learn to become true heralds and learn to use the Elemental Bracers to save their world.’ 

Gormiti has been billed as a full entertainment experience for kids encompassing TV, apps, YouTube and an online platform.

Action Figures will be at the heart of the GP Flair products line with basic, deluxe and super deluxe to choose from, while the One Tower Playset will be the centre of the action for the collectable mini figure series. 

The collection will also integrate a new element of interactive game play, as every pack includes a trading card that can be used with the Gormiti app to unlock exclusive game content.

Emmanuelle Cadet, head of marketing, GP Flair, commented: “The new Gormiti TV series is of an incredibly high quality. It is jam packed with all the elements that boys love, and we know that our interactive toy range echoes this perfectly. 

"We are very excited about the launch and will be placing great emphasis on it in our marketing calendar. We can’t wait to show the collection off at Toy Fair.”

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