The Entertainer doubles containers into the UK ahead of Brexit deadline

The Entertainer has doubled the amount of containers it usually brings into the UK this time of year to ensure stock was in place ahead of any no-deal Brexit.

The UK toy retailer has stockpiled 100 container loads of paddling pools, slides, wheelbarrows and other toys to ensure there were no shortages this summer, should hold-ups at ports occur following the country’s UK Brexit deadline.

“There will be no shortage of toys in the UK,” said Gary Grant, managing director and founder of The Entertainer. “The items we ship from the far east, w have brought the containers forward to make sure we have adequate stocks. It might take three months for things to settle down [after Brexit]. The second biggest time for buying toys is Easter.”

The Entertainer has shipped its own-label items early. Grant now expects toymakers with European distribution centres such as LEGO or Playmobil to present their own plans.

Sales at The Entertainer were up by more than ten per cent over Christmas as it benefitted from the collapse of Toys R Us last year.

“We have had a shiningly good year,” he told the Guardian. “We believe in the high street and the high street is nowhere near dead. Our market share is growing and going into 2019 we are as optimistic as we can be with Brexit looming.”

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