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Gibsons taps into ‘new wave puzzlers’ with White Logo range

Gibsons has discovered a means of tapping into the growing youth and millennial trend in puzzling, and yes it includes avocados.

The puzzles specialist has released a new collection of design-led jigsaw puzzles for grown-ups. There are six 1,000 piece puzzles in the new line.

Called the White Logo range, each title in the range has been specifically selected for its striking design and unconventional scene, including an avocado party scene.

Following the trend of mindfulness and the nation’s desire to spend less time looking at a screen, Gibsons’ White Logo jigsaws are "perfect for the new wave of puzzlers who are looking for more innovative and contemporary designs rather than typical, traditional puzzle scenes." 

To select the imagery, Gibsons interviewed prospective puzzlers who voted for their favourite designs that didn’t conform to the conventional jigsaw illustrations.

Avocado Park is one of the new puzzles and is filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite little fruit. The puzzle depicts hundreds of avo-people doing avo-cardio or chilling with their avo-dogs in the park. 

Another puzzle in the range is Blooming Lovely, the challenging jigsaw that shows a tranquil London bar that is covered by gorgeous floral canopy. 

Or, if less mainstream scene is preferred, Carnival was created by Hackney-based artist Rob Pybus, and has been specially commissioned to celebrate Gibsons’ 100th anniversary. 

The strikingly busy puzzle is crammed full of celebratory vibes and has been billed as the perfect mind detox.

Kim Garrod, product development manager at Gibsons, said: “Our classic jigsaws are some of the best on the market and are loved by all traditional puzzlers. 

"However, we’re well aware of the importance of mindfulness among a younger age group and wanted to launch a range of striking, design-led puzzles that don’t conform to jigsaw puzzle traditions. 

"So, we’ve also focused on creating innovative puzzle boxes that stand out on shelf and jigsaw designs by up-and-coming artists.”

Designed and manufactured in the UK from the thickest board available on the jigsaw puzzle market, the White Logo puzzles are made from 100 per cent recycled board and are presented in compact boxes to reduce unnecessary cardboard waste. 

Additionally, the puzzles are secured with paper tabs instead of shrink wrap to avoid excess plastic waste, adhering to Gibsons’ goal to reduce their carbon footprint.

The White Logo range is available to order now. Contact your local agent or email sales@gibsonsgames.co.uk to place your order.

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