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Innovation First brings new collectables Squishmallows to the UK

Innovation First International has detailed an exclusive UK partnership with the US toy company Kellytoy Worldwide Inc.

The deal will see Innovation First, creators of the popular HEXBUG brand, distribute the new Squishmallows range exclusively throughout the UK. 

The plush toys combine cuteness and the wide appeal of the Japanese ‘Kawaii’ look with the current trend for squishy. The Squishmallows “squad” has already become a collectable hit in North America and beyond with more than 20 million sold in its launch year.

There are 13 Squishmallows characters to collect and each super squishy 8” toy has its own personality.

All the characters have unique background stories and are made of a washable, soft polyester. Retailers will see an updated selection on offer every four months to keep the range fresh for the consumer, including a back to school clip on range. 

The launch range sees characters like Simon the Sloth, who loves virtual reality gaming and Tim the Alpaca, who fancies himself as a great lead guitarist.

Tony Norman, president and CEO of Innovation First, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside the team at Kellytoy to launch Squishmallows here in the UK. 

"The popularity of Squishmallows in 2018 has been phenomenal and we know that this new take on the soft collectable will appeal to children of all ages. We are supporting the launch with an intensive marketing campaign beginning in early 2019.”

“We are excited to be working with Innovation First to offer exclusive products that fans around the world want to collect,” says Kellytoy CEO Jonathan Kelly. 

“Squishmallows are a versatile product. They are soft enough to play catch with and huggable enough to serve as a bedtime buddy or pillow and are wonderful friends that help relieve stress and anxiety in times of need.” 

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