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Dice Academy joins Asmodee UK’s Fun Fast Games portfolio

The challenge party game Dice Academy is the latest game series to join Asmodee UK’s Fun Fast Games portfolio.

The game is a blend of trivia and mental dexterity that challenges players to be the first to name items that fit criteria determined by rolling the dice.

One die determines a category – from singers to items of clothing – and the other a letter with which the answer must start. The first player to name a correct answer starting with the right letter takes the round.

“This highly accessible, lightning fast game is a terrific brain-teaser and a natural fit within the range,” read a statement from Asmodee UK.

“Fun Fast Games highlights the best of Asmodee’s smaller games which share particular success through in-store demonstration, as thy can be explained and understood almost instantly.

‘That immediate enjoyment makes them perfect impulse purchases, with Asmodee offering attention-grabbing FSDUs to help display them in stores.”

Other games in the portfolio include the likes of Dobble, Bananagrams, Cobra Paw, Rory’s Story Cubes and Who Did It?

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