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Zuru reaffirms stance on IP rights battle with The LEGO Group

Zuru has reaffirmed that it will actively challenge claims made by The LEGO Group over allegations made that its Max Build More product range infringe on intellectual property rights of the Danish toy maker.

The New Zealand based company has told ToyNews that it is taking the issue “very seriously and will continue to try to work with The LEGO Group to resolve the matter.”

Zuru has taken the stance that its Max Build More product line does not infringe on any valid IP rights of The LEGO Group and is “vigorously defending its position” while the matter is pending in the US Courts.

A spokesperson from Zuru has told ToyNews that “zuru believes that the LEGO Group is asserting an overly broad monopoly on construction toy products and will actively challenge the claim. Zuru is confident that having the high quality, great value Max Build More range in the market will be of benefit to consumers.”

When approached by ToyNews, The LEGO Group has informed that in general it does refrain from commenting on ongoing cases, but did issue the following statement via its own spokesperson:

“What we can say is that what is most important to us is ensuring that consumers are not misled. When they buy a LEGO product, they get a product of impeccable quality that lives up to the strictest safety standards, which is exactly what they can and should expect from our products.

“We want to ensure that consumers can always trust that anything carrying the LEGO logo or the featuring characteristic LEGO design also is a genuine LEGO products. This is not only in our interest as a business – but also in the interest of consumers – especially children – as LEGO products warrant experiences of the highest quality and safety.

“We naturally welcome fair competition at any time, but when someone misuses our brand and the consumer’s trust, we take whatever action necessary to protect consumers and our intellectual property rights.”

The case is still ongoing. 

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