Let Toys Be Toys and Fawcett Society are combating gender stereotyping in toys this Christmas

Let Toys Be Toys has stepped up its campaign to bring down gender stereotyping on the retail scene in a new alliance with the gender equality and women’s rights charity, Fawcett Society.

Together, the pair has launched a new campaign called Smashing Stereotypes, an initiative that will shine a spotlight on products, including toys, clothes, stationery and books, that have been designed specifically with boys or girls in mind.

The campaign will combat gender-stereotyping in toys in the lead up to Christmas.

“Gender stereotypes hold us all back and help to drive assumptions about who does the caring, they cause toxic masculinity and hold women and girls back in terms of the career choices they perceive as being ‘for them,’ Fawcett Society chief executive Sam Smethers, said.

“By smashing stereotypes, we will begin to address the underlying causes of the inequality, which causes the gender pay gap, drives misogyny and violence against women and girls.”

The charity campaign is calling on people to send in photos of products that they deem to be stereotypical, or to post photos of them on social media using the hashtag SmashingStereotypes.

In a statement put out on Twitter, Let Toys Be Toys, said: “It’s not about banning toys or taking away choices, in fact it’s completely the opposite. Let Toy Be Toys is telling children it’s OK to like an toy, no matter who they are.” 

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