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One Animation’s Oddbods board game passes Kickstarter goal

The Oddbods board gaming project, Oddbods Go Kards has found itself successfully funded on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with 20 days of campaigning still remaining.

The project to bring the world of the Oddbods to the tabletop gaming scene launched earlier this month with the target of raising £11,451 in order to take it through to the next stage of development and distribution.

The game – one devised in a partnership between One Animation and Playware – has passed the goal, sitting at £11,554 from 126 backers.

Designed to capture the madcap antics of the Oddbods, players must navigate challenges and obstacles strategically planted throughout the track while taking opportunities to prank their competitors in a race to the finish line.

Each of the board and card actions relate to each of the seven Oddbods’ core personality traits – Pogo’s mischievous side ensures that you can never quite predict what will happen, whilst Fuse may have a tantrum and change things up a little causing both delight and frustration.

The game is scheduled to begin shipping from May 2019.

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