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“Small steps and large strides” will see LEGO hit ambitious go-green goal by 2030

Lots of small steps and large strides will see LEGO achieve its “ambitious goal” of going 100 per cent green over the course of the next 11 years, the Group has told ToyNews.

The firm has reinforced its own position on the matter of sustainability in the toy space, following criticism of the firm among a number of major toy brands over the pace at which they are adapting to demand for eco toys.

The LEGO Group has told ToyNews that while its move to become a 100 per cent green company by 2030, will be a combination of small and large steps in the direction, it is important to the firm that it doesn’t sacrifice the ‘standards that we have.’

“The LEGO Group currently uses more than 20 types of plastic to make LEGO elements and we have decided to implement changes to elements once we are satisfied of the quality and safety,” a LEGO spokesperson told ToyNews.

LEGO’s testing has so far revealed that polyethylene elements can be made with the same quality using existing sustainably sourced materials. The firm has since implemented this change to its production.

“Our 2030 goal is an ambitious one, and one that will take lots of both small and large steps,” the spokesperson continued. “We are working hard to ensure that other LEGO elements can be made with sustainable materials.”

This week, the firm has been named among a number of global toy companies warned that they risk losing market share should they fail to react quick enough to growing consumer demand for sustainable toy products.

The message was issued by the eco-friendly toy firm BioBuddi who since winning the Eco Excellence award in the US is on a path of steady growth both in the region and across Europe. BioBuddi has stated that growth in the UK is next on the list as consumers begin to question more the sourcing of the toys they purchase. 

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