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Zuru sees ‘unprecedented world-wide sell-through’ for Rainbocorns

Zuru has recorded ‘unprecedented world-wide sell-through’ of its new range of collectable plush Rainbocorns, a line that brings unboxing, unicorns and sequins together in one product.

Almost half a million of the animal-themed plush have already been shipped across the globe in the last three months, with sales exceeding expected volumes and targets. According to the firm, excitement is now building for the Christmas shopping period.

“Following the soft launch in the summer, we have experienced a double – and in some cases triple – digit increase in re-orders across all territories just one month later,” said Aneisha Viera, Zuru brand manager.

“From one month in we are seeing Rainbocorns cited as a must-have Christmas item, nominated for various awards and achieving completely staggering media impressions. The plush category has a strong and established heritage, yet welcomes and celebrates innovation within it. Watch this space for more Rainbocorns as we move into 2019.”

The Rainbocorn range is supported by a dynamic and integrated marketing campaign incorporating fresh television commercials, PR and digital content. The television commercial launched in August across satellite and terrestrial kids channels, featuring YouTube influencers Naiah and Elli Toys Show and Tic Tac Toys.

Digital content also follows the same YouTube influencers in the boardroom as they work with toy executives to create the perfect toy. The digital content has been launched on their channels which have over four million subscribers.

Zuru has also utilised the Rainbocorns narrative to create an animated web series that follows the Rainbocorns on their adventures in Rainboville.

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