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Bandai UK to evolve the slime craze with Slurpees Snot Suckers

Bandai UK is looking to evolve the slime scene with the launch of its new Slurpees Snot Suckers collectable range.

The new collection is scheduled to hit shelves at the end of November and have already been billed as “the most disgusting thing a kid could possibly wish for in their sticking this Christmas.”

There are four different coloured slime-hungry Slurpees for children to collect, each with a pot of highly-slurpable, slippery slime. Kids can squish the Slurpees, push their mouths into the slime and watch them suck it up.

Once the Slurpees are full of slime, they can be squeezed to spew it all out again.

What a vivid description.

David Harms, product manager at Bandai UK, said: “Slurpees Snot Suckers are a brilliant way of marrying collectability with the current slime craze sweeping the nation. It’s time for slime to evolve – Slurpees bring added playability to the category and are fantastic value for money.

“The fidget-value of slurping and squirting the slime over and over again also brings a new play pattern to slime, one which we are confident will appeal to kids of all ages who appreciate all things gross.”

Slurpees Snot Suckrs ar available to order now and retail at £4.99.

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