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Ill-fated Evil Dead 2 board game may be seeing a revival via Jasco Games

An initiative to revive a doomed Evil Dead 2 board game has been kickstarted by the Las Vegas board game publisher Jasco Games.

When the campaign to launch the movie tie-in tabletop game via Space Goat Productions fell flat last year, 6,143 backers were left out of pocket and rather peeved at the situation.

Space Goat announced that it was not capable of fulfilling the promised game to its customers and ‘they had no concrete solution to the problem.’

However, following extensive discussion and planning, Jasco Games CEO and founder, Jason Hawronsky, and Lynnvander Studios CEO, Thomas Gofton, ( both with no affiliation to Space Goat Productions) have come up with a plan to “revive” the game.

“We will be bringing this game back to life, as fitting as that statement is to this property. Jasco’s plan is to raise funds for a new Evil Dead 2 game, and provide a copy of that game to existing backers of the previous campaign” said Jasco Games CEO and founder, Jason Hawronsky.

Jasco Games has recently entered into an agreement with the owner of Evil Dead 2 to create the new game. While Jasco Games does not have access to the original game created by Space Goat Productions, they do have access to several of the components, which means a completely new game will be created using many of the original elements, all in keeping with Jasco’s high standard of quality and theme.

This will begin with a new Kickstarter campaign. 

For every game sold on the new Kickstarter campaign, an additional game will be donated to an existing backer of the previous campaign. 

Jasco Games has acquired the backer and pre-order list from the previous Space Goat Productions campaign to make this possible. Only if the new campaign is successfully funded will Jasco be able to provide games to new buyers and to previous backers.

All the partners involved will be working diligently over the next few quarters to make sure a top quality Evil Dead 2 game gets made and fulfilled to all the backers.

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