Accentuate Games bolsters portfolio with new strategy game, Rats to Riches

Accentuate Games is building out its gaming portfolio on a global scale, securing the rights to a new strategy game called Rats to Riches.

The title is the first creation from the Singaporean student Eugene Lim and is based on the financial Rat Race. The game has been developed and put through its paces through rigorous play-testing by designer Eugene Lim while studying Management at The University of Manchester.

Rats to Riches casts every player as a filthy, scheming rat. They each race to collect 100 coins and work their way to a better class of sewer, by investing in assets, hiring gangsters and stealing whatever they can.

The Euro-style strategy game will be showcased on Accentuate Games’ stand at London toy Fair in January and will be available at UK retail from March 2019. Accentuate Games will also leverage existing relationships in the US and Europe to deliver the game to a global audience, following in the steps of the team’s first two titles, Accentuate and FReNeTiC.

Accentuate’s CEO, Graeme Fraser-Bell, said: “We are pleased with the success of Accentuate and FReNeTiC which have given us presence in the Party Gam and Word Game spaces. However, we knew there was a gap in our portfolio for something more strategic and we were keen to explore expansion by tapping into games design talent beyond our own.

“Over the last year, we have met with many promising young designers but Rats to Riches leapt out at us as the perfect fit.”

Accentuate Games is currently working with its PR, creative and design partners to hone the game-play and create a robust identity for the game before its debut at Toy Fair. 

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