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Kids’ building bricks can now meow like cats while they light up, thanks to STAX

The latest addition to the STAX family has been revealed in the form of STAX Hybrid, allowing the LED light construction block range to bring extra light and sounds to the play sector.

The new range incorporates a manner of themes ranging across animals, vehicles and accessories. Each set contains light, sound and connector STAX along with regular bricks to enable kids to build and bring their creations to life.

Animal themes include light-up eyes and recordings of real animal sounds, while the vehicles boast front, rear and cabin lights plus emergency lights combined with motor sounds and sirens.

STAX Europe CEO and Brandtraders owner, Arno Fluitman, said: “As massive advocates of construction play, we wanted to bring a new dimension to building bricks. The aim was to create a brand that could be played in silo yet still offered compatibility with those major construction toy brands as a cost-effective solution for extended play value.”

The concept of STAX was struck upon four years ago and kicked off with the launch of Light STAX bricks. Each contains a powerful LED light which illuminates while building and playing.

“This year, we wanted to push that innovation further and introduce the Sound STAX – a 2×4 speaker brick to produce specific sounds, whether that be a meowing cat or a police car siren,” added Fluitman. “The Power STAX wireless system controls the sound and motion activation and brings each STAX Hybrid creation to life.”

The range is slated to hit shelves on October 1st this year.

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