Tactic Games launches reaction-testing board game, Ninja Rush

The ancient ways of the Sensei are being brought to the party game scene thanks to a new title launch from the Finnish board game company, Tactic Games.

The firm has just detailed the release of Ninja Rush, a fast-paced and quick reaction board game featuring Ninja Time Warriors, Sensei training and ‘blink of an eye’ action.

The game’s story tells of the Ninja time warriors are trained to harness time, the most precious of commodities, and their Sensei which trains them to react quickly and see the future before it happens.

Players will then experience something similar through the Ninja Rush gameplay, as their own Ninjas hold the sands of time. Players must flip the Sensei cards and quickly choose who to flip and to where, before the sand runs out.

PLayers are awarded Ninja Stars if they can keep the Ninjas turning and the sand running in the timers until their turn is over. The first player to collect five Ninja Stars wins.

The game is suitable for children aged seven years old and upwards and can be played by up to four players.

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