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Zimpli Kids cracks down on online counterfeits in large fight against fakes

Zimpli Kids is stepping up in its efforts to battle counterfeit and infringing products sold via the marketplace Alibaba with a large scale crack-down on offending items listed.

The toy company and name behind the hit Slime Baff and Gelli Baff brands has made moves to reduce the number of fake products sold online, the majority of which, it states, emerge from the Alibaba trading platform.

Gelli Baff and Slime Baff are unique products with over 4.5 billion views on YouTube from independent reviewers worldwide. Over the past few years, the firm has seen a significant increase in the amount of infringing and counterfeit Gelli and Slime Baff products sold online.

“The majority of these have been via Alibaba,” read a statement from the company.

This number has since been reduced after Zimpli Kids embarked on a mission to monitor and report the infringing listings that use the company’s trading names, images and in some cases identical packaging.

“Many Alibaba sellers are guilty of repeat infringement, with multiple listings of Slime Baff uses different descriptions,” said the company.

Zimpli Kids has also approached multiple retailers worldwide who have copied its popular product Slime Baff to defend its patent. This has resulted in the infringing products from Australia, Sweden and France being removed from sale.

Sales director at Zimpli Kids, Eejay Enyi, said: “We take the safety of our products extremely seriously and w want to protect children from these potentially harmful and poor quality counterfeit items.

“As a company, we will vigorously defend our patent/trademark/IP interests and pursue any company or individual attempts to copy our products.”

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