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Big Potato and game designer Reiner Kinizia launch new party game Clickbait

Indie board games company, Big Potato has released its latest party game Clickbait, created in partnership with the famed game designer, Reiner Kinizia.

Clickbait is billed as a family party game for players aged 14 and upwards and focuses on the art of creating attention-grabbing slogans for some of the most ridiculous products the internet has to offer.

Examples if products players are charged with the mission of ‘selling’ include Unicorn Jerky, Giant Family Slippers and Flamethrowing For Kids: A Step-By-Step Guide.

To play, a judge will choose a product card and roll five lettered dice, each displaying a single letter,. Players then have to think of a short, snappy line to advertise the product, using the five letters on the dice to start each word.

Each player writes down their slogan and passes it to the judge. Once the judge has chosen their favourite, the player who wrote it is given a point.

The first player to write three pieces of award-winning Clickbait is the winner.

The game arrives in a cursor-shape design box, playing on the title of the game.

Big Potato co-founder and creative director, Ben Drummond, said: “W always try to go the extra distance to come up with new, interesting ways of packaging our games. Once we decided on the name, the cursor-shaped box soon followed, The team had loads of fun making Clickbait and I think that the final packaging could be one of my favourites yet.”

Clickbait has already been met with a positive response and has scooped the silver award for Best Family Game at the Imagination Gaming Awards.

For three to eight players, Clickbait retails for £20.

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