Polly Pocket relaunches next month and designer Mimi Wade is celebrating with themed clothing line

The hit 90s brand, Polly Pocket making final preparations to relaunch this September with an extensive marketing and PR campaign.

As part of the celebrations, British-American designer, Mimi Wade has taken on inspiration from the Polly Pocket phenomenon to create a Polly Pocket x Mimi Wade capsule adult clothing collection and jewellery line.

The range by Mimi Wade and Vicki Sarge is launching exclusively in Selfridges, Oxford Street this Friday.

The line includes printed silk satin dresses with lace trim featuring Polly Pocket Snail Ride graphics, a Baby Crop Lace Trim t-shirt collection featuring Polly Pocket Snail Ride, Polly Pocket Baby Seashorse or Olly Pocket Cereal, and a collection of jewellery.

Wade said: “The definitive message for me is that great things come in small packages. It is about your character and attricutes rather than your physical stature.

“For this collaboration I wanted to highlight the idea of Polly being this tiny adventurer and was thinking about films that play with the element of perspective like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The Taste of Tea, The Borrowers and Land of the Giants when I came up with the graphics.

“I was fascinated by Polly Pocket as a child – being able to carry around a pastel coloured dream world in your pocket still remains a charming concept. I was always designing my dream home heavily inspired by the different compacts she live in; a fairy in a toadstool house, a cowgirl in her own Texan stables, a mermaid living in a shell, a waitress in her own diner…”

The new product line is accompanied by an animated series that follows Polly and her friends as they embrace big adventures in a shrunken size, thanks to Polly’s magic locket and will air on Pop this September. 

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