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Hasbro’s “big Christmas line” Nerf Laser Ops Pro brings video gaming to life

Hasbro has detailed the launch of Nerf Laser Ops Pro, a new laser battling range that aims to bring real time video game action to life through toys.

The new Nerf range includes unique blasters that encourage head to head combat that can be stepped up gear with the free Nerf Laser Ops Pro app.

Each blaster comes ready to play with a variety of features including three play modes – solo, team and free for all – and a multi-directional receiver dome, unlimited ammo, team light indicators, visual and sound effects and a health display.

Meanwhile, the app offers real-time battle intel, allowing players to customise their blasters, track performance, earn power ups and locate opponents during battle.

“We’re excited to challenge Nerf fans to up their game with the Nerf Laser Ops Pro segment which combines the exhilaration of a laser battle with the technology, design, power and performance that is synonymous with the Nerf brand,” said Craig Wilkins, senior marketing director, Hasbro UK and Ireland.

“We’re thrilled with the response so far and anticipate that Nerf Laser Ops Pro will be a top choice this year for Christmas.”

The Nerf Laser Ops Pro offering includes the Alphapoint blaster at £29.99 which fires a single shot burst with health, ammo and team indicators and the Deltaburst blaster at £49.99 that fires a three-shot IR burst with kickback action and features an LCD screen on the back of the blaster displaying real time health status and ammo capacity.

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