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Two major toy safety CEN standards have now been revised

Two major revisions of CEN standards on toy safety have been published.

Developed by CEN/TC 52, the revisions are expected to be cited in the Official Journal of the European Union over the summer.

EN 71-1 sets out requirements and test methods for the mechanical and physical properties of toys in order to reduce, as far as possible, hazards not evident to users.

The published amendment (A1) includes, for example, an expansion of the scope to include certain flying toys as well as toy slings and toy catapults supplied with projectiles. Additionally, the sections addressing projectile toys were revised as well as those for cords and drawstring toys.

Meanwhile, EN 71-3 standard specifies the maximum migration limits for the following categories of toy materials in order to minimise child exposure to certain potentially toxic chemicals.

Category one is dry, brittle, powder like or pliable materials, category two is liquid or sticky materials and category three is scraped-off materials.

The published amendment (A3) aligns the migration limits in line with the revised limits in the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC and new limits apply from November this year.

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