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World’s first fully buildable ride-on kit secures nearly ten times Kickstarter goal

A project to fund the world’s first fully buildable range of ride-on vehicles has secured nearly ten times its original goal on Kickstarter.

Called Infento, the ride on that allows kids and parents to build, deconstruct and reimagine and rebuild any ride-on they can think up, has hit $479,712 from 775 backers on the crowdfunding platform.

Inspired by the likes of LEGO and Meccano, Infento delivers a construction kit of parts and tools that can be used to create a ride-on of any type, from balance bikes to sit-on pedal vehicles to scooters for older kids.

The outfit has even developed an all-electric kit called ePulse, from which customers can build up to six electric rides.

With just one week remaining on Kickstarter, the project has smashed its original goal of $50,000 and even made it into the Ten Most Popular Kickstarter Projects worldwide.

Andi Piftor, senior marketing manager at Infento has told ToyNews that the team is looking to bring the line t the UK ‘as soon as possible,’ with the search for a UK distributor still on-going.

“We are hoping to keep up the momentum and make our modular kits available to as many people as possible within the next year,” Pifto told ToyNews. “The amazing feedback we got from our backers on Kickstarter has been a solid validation that we are on the right track, and the market is ready for this type of innovative product.”

Spencer Rotting and Sander Letema, co-founders of Infento, added: “Our kits offer a truly unique combination that tackles many challenges that families face today.

“Infento encourages active and outdoor play, gets children off screens, increases family quality time and provides a durable solution against toy waste. It also teaches children crucial 21 century skills like creativity and complex problem solving in a fun and challenging way.”

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