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Monopoly launches Beatles-themed game to celebrate 50 years of Yellow Submarine

Monopoly has just gone psychedelic with the launch of a new title based on The Beatles and Yellow Submarine.

It arrives courtesy of a deal struck by the UK licensing agent Caroline Mickler, Apple Corps and Hasbro for a special edition of the popular game, celebrating 50 years of the animated film, Yellow Submarine.

Produced by the international games company Winning Moves and distributed across the UK via Lasgo, the game arrives packaged in a colourful box featuring the cartoon incarnations of the Fab Four and characters from the film.

Regent Street, Bond Street, Oxford Street and all of the London stations and utilities have been replaced by Nowhere Land, Rainbow Tunnel, Sea of Green, Trombone Express and Mersey Works, as well as Beatles themed versions of Chance and Community Chest.

Old Fred, Sgt Pepper Drum, Dreadful Flying Glove, Jeremy Hillary Boob, Love Sign and Yellow Submarine make up the themed tokens.

50 years on from its original release, Yellow Submarine has inspired a number of licensed products ranging from toys and games to homeware and babywear. More recently, companies like Truffle Shuffle, Titan Books and Walker Books have launched clothing and published titles.

“The extraordinary and unforgettable Yellow Submarine has contributed some wonderful themes and imagery to this very special edition of one of the world’s favourite board games,” said a Winning Moves spokesperson.

“Winning Moves is delighted to be part of the 50 anniversary celebrations of this much-loved and unique film.”

Caroline Mickler added: “This colourful inventive Yellow Submarine edition of Monopoly is a marvellous addition to the delightful and exciting ranges coming to retail in time for the 50 anniversary of one of the world’s favourite animated films.

“It’s further proof that this unique brand has never gone out of fashion in 50 years.”

As part of the on going 50 anniversary celebrations, Yellow Submarine will be re-released on July 8 in picture houses and independent cinemas across the UK.

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