Board game FReNeTiC enjoys continued success following Board Game Club takeover

The element knowledge-testing board game, FReNeTiC is continuing to enjoy sales and media success following its recent take over at the adult gaming night, Board Game Club.

The inventor and team behind the new word-race game were special guests at this month’s gathering that took place at the Century Club in Soho on Wednesday night.

Graeme and Fiona Fraser Bell, the brother and sister team behind the popular guess-the-accent game Accentuate have seen continued pick up and interest in their new title FReNeTiC, despite only recently launching to market.

“You can make over 10,000 words using the letters from the periodic table,” said Graeme Fraser-Bell, creator of the game. “In FReNeTiC, you race to create words using the element symbols in play. The first to reach 1000 points wins.

“We were so encouraged to see players coming back to the table to play again and try and improve their score.”

Following UK Games Expo, interest in the game continues to increase. However, and not surprisingly, other Expo purchases also found favour at Board Game Club, according to co-founder Peter Jenkinson.

“It’s important to put new games on the menu,” he said. “We always want to have a mix: games you love, stuff you’ve forgotten and things you never knew existed.”

Among the additions on Wednesday night were Coiledspring’s Okiya, High Society from Osprey Games and new cult favourite, The Mind, a game that sees players aim for near-telepathic rapport while laying down cards in ascending order.

With a carefully chosen blend of card, dice, party, board and novelty games, Board Game Club lets people meet, mingle and play in a relaxing, informal way. Next month’s Board Game Club is scheduled to take place on Wednesday July 18 at Century Club, Soho.

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