Moose Toys launches Shopkins Lil’ Secrets play-sets with fan first global campaign

Moose Toys has launched a new collection of Shopkins play-sets through a fan first promotion to introduce them to the new Lil’ Secrets line.

In a campaign that saw an ‘unprecedented response,’ over 6,000 Shopkins superfans from across the globe were invited to register their details to receive a top-secret delivery.

One thousand of these fans from around the world were selected to be the first to lay eyes and hands on the Shopkins Lil’ Secrets play-set. These chosen fans were encouraged to unbox it on May 23 and share on social media with #SPKFansFirst.

“It’s hard to keep a new Shopkins product secret from anyone, let alone the thousands of super fans that are scattered throughout the world,” read a statement from Moose Toys.

“This approach turned the traditional media – and influencer – first approach on its head, ensuring that the brand’s biggest fans were rewarded by first receiving the product before anyone else.”

Since May 23, over 600 unique pieces of content have been uploaded to social media showcasing the excitement of the recipients.

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets will be available in major retailers from August 1. 

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