John Adams grows its gross toys and games collection with squeezable Zits range

We hope you’ve finished our breakfast, because John Adams is taking the gross-out toy craze to a new level with the distribution of Zits, a range of pop n’ play pimples that kids can stick on themselves.

The stick on spots can be worn, squeezed and popped and have been billed as the ‘perfect compliment to John Adams’ range of gross toys and games.’

The range will consist of small, medium and large packs – each of which contains different quantities of zits for kids to delight in. Zits will be TV advertised and will benefit from a digital, PR and social media campaign from launch this August.

“We know from our popular Doggie Doo game and Gross Science range that kids love to be gross, so Zits is a perfect fit for our toy and game collection,” said Lynette Norris, marketing manager at John Adams Leisure.

“We’re delighted – and a little grossed out – to have the range as part of our AW18 line up and we are looking forward to seeing Zits become top of the spots in the playground this autumn.”

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