Board game Ticket to Ride heads to PS4 as Asmodee pushes more console crossover

The internationally acclaimed Asmodee board game Ticket to Ride is hitting the video game scene thanks to a new version of the game for PS4.

This week at E3, the game publisher, Asmodee Digital declared that it was ‘aggressively porting more tabletop experiences to consoles,’ the latest being the 2004 Alan R Moon title that involves connecting train routes.

The move is the fruit of a partnership between Asmodee Digital – Asmodee’s digital arm – and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PS$ adaptation will take advantage of the console’s PlayLink feature, allowing players to use their smartphone or tablet as a controller.

Asmodee Digital’s CEO, Pierre Ortolan stated that the privacy of using your own screen “allows players to re-create the traditional board game experience while keeping the benefits of playing digitally.”

Ticket to Ride comes the PlayStation 4 later this year.

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