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Learning Resources eyes new toy super-category with STEM-collectables, Beaker Creatures

Learning Resources has set its sights on the creation of a new toy supercategory with the launch of its STEM collectables line, Beaker Creatures.

The new range combines the collecting play pattern with hands-on science with the mission of sparking curiosity among children.

For children aged five and upwards, Beaker Creatures is anticipated to be a hit with retailers as science toys have become more accessible to children of a younger age over the last five years.

“Popularity has grown as more younger children have had the chance to experience the delights of discovery,” Learning Resources’ managing director, Dennis Blackmore told ToyNews.

“We hope that this is the beginning of a new supercategory, bringing STEM and collectables together. We are certainly leading the way in adding value to collectables.”

After travelling through space in their Reactor Pods from their distant planets, Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth in search of science adventures. By dissolving their Reactor Pods, kids can discover, classify and explore 35 collectable characters from five different families.

The signature Liquid Reactor Super Lab reveals dozens of unique characters including Astrolytes, Frostonians, Oceanites, Buglettes and Minisaurs.

Upon discovery, kids take on the role of scientist, identifying their creatures with classification cards and exploring their worlds through science facts and experiments.

Blackmore continued: “Learning Resources’s DNA is education but we like kids to have so much fun they don’t realise they are learning. We created Beaker Creatures because we couldn’t help but notice the popularity of collectables and wanted to provide a series that is about more than acquisition and simple play.

“Children will love learning about the creatures using the magnification chamber and the classification cards, so there is lots for them to discover. It’s a great way to learn through play.”

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