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Zuru confirms EU patent for Bunch O Balloons will be ready for summer

Zuru has confirmed that the European patent for its successful Bunch O Balloons product will be effective across Europe in time for the summer season.

The European Patent Office has signalled its intention to grant the European patent, which will be validated in all major European countries, reinforcing Zuru’s IP portfolio for the Bunch O Balloons line.

This includes trademark registrations, registered design rights, copyrights and national patents in various European countries.

This latest development in Zuru’s IP portfolio follows on from a jury award in a US patent infringement lawsuit for infringement of US patents covering the acclaimed Bunch O Balloons product.

The confirmation arrives in time for the start of Zuru’s summer celebrations as it sees its Bunch O Balloons ‘Unleash Summer’ campaign is hotting up with the introduction of MR Summer, a new mascot for the firm’s water balloon line.

Mr Summer has been described as ‘an outrageous character that represents the exuberant connection between summer and Bunch O Balloons.’ He will be the ‘official messenger of the season.’

Mr Summer kicked off the season on June 1 with the Bunch O Balloons Mr Summer video which launched on YouTube and will headline a robust social and digital media campaign.

Select media and influencers will also receive a box full of summer essentials personally curated by Mr Summer.

Renee Lee, global marketing manager for Zuru, said: “Mr Summer is the icon of summer, a fun and fresh ideal for families who like to have fun outdoors.

“Mr Summer is meant to appeal to millennial families in a way that is relevant to them. He is a throwback to the 80s and the nostalgic feeling that the best days of summer are spent outside, before the days of tablets and mobile devices.”

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