PlanToys launches Dugong-themed Earth Day campaign

The sustainable wooden toys firm PlanToys has been putting environmental issues into the spotlight for 37 years and has launched all-new activities around this year’s Earth Day.

Last year, sustainable toy firm PlanToys launched a bee ladder game on Earth Day, providing information about the causes of bees’ population decline and went towards funding new seeds to be planted for nectar.

This year, the firm is turning its attention to dugongs, a species of sea mammals that have become endangered due to being hit by boats and their sources of food, seagrass, being destroyed by man-made pollution.

The peaceful species is found in the Trang Province in Thailand, which is where the PlanToys factory is located.

The 2018 Earth Day kit includes a colouring sheet with a story about Dugongs, social media activities, with seagrass planting and seaside scavenge activities planned for the near future.

PlanToys aims to continue educating children about environmental issues, as it works towards being certified for the Thai Green Label Scheme from the Thailand Environmental Institute, recognising the firm’s contribution to sustainable development.

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