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Zimpli Kids brings slime and unicorns together in latest product expansion

As slime and unicorns continue to look like the big trends of 2018, Zimpli Kids is bridging the gap between the two with its latest product expansion.

The firm – renown for its Slime and Gelli Baff lines – has introduced a slate of new brand extensions with the launch of the new Glitter Slime, Slime Colours and Unicorn Slime lines.

The rise of the Slime trend over the last year, along with the viral success of Zimpli Kids’ Slime Baff through social media platforms such as YouTube has helped the firm finish 2017 50 per cent on the year prior.

Zimpli Kids is now confident it can replicate this success through 2018 as it brings the year’s predicted hot trend – Unicorns – into the slime fold.

“We just can’t keep Slime on the shelves, so it was an obvious move to grow our Slime range,” said Eejay Enyi, head of sales at Zimpli Kids.

“Slime and Unicorns are predicted to be hot toy trends for 2018, so we have no doubt that the products will be a hit.”

The new product lies will retail from £2.99 each and allow kids to make up to 10 litres of slime.

‘The toy market is certainly making the most of the slime trend and Zimpli Kids’ gooey products stand out among the rest,’ read a statement from the firm.

‘They are proud to say that their products are 100 per cent safe, stain free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.’

Glitter Slime, slime Colours and Unicorn Slime are available from 2018.

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