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US: The Genius of Play movement releases first Dear Parents campaign content

The Genius of Play, a national movement to raise awareness about play’s role in child development has released its Dear Parents public service announcement campaign.

Released across the US, each PSA takes a look at play from a child’s perspective and explains to parents how a balanced mix of play offers kids a variety of benefits.

The Genius of Play movement is spearheaded by the Toy Association over in the States.

The campaign consists of four PSA: Dear Parents: Crazy featuring a boy reading a letter to his parents, Dear Parents: Pop Quiz sees a girl pretend to be a teacher, Dear Parents: Time Out portrays a boy dressed as a super hero and Dear Parents: Rocket Science has a young scientist discussing how certain kinds of play can provide different benefits than others.

“In order for kids to receive the maximum benefits from play time, they should engage in different types of play that help develop different skills. For example, playing with blocks and puzzles has been found to build spatial awareness, while pretend play with stuffed animals, dolls and action figures has been linked to improved vocabulary,” said Nancy Schulman, head of the early learning centre at Avenues.

“The Dear Parents campaign and additional resources available on TheGeniusofPlay.org will help inspire parents and provide ideas they can use to encourage their child’s healthy growth through play.”

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