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TCG brings back electronic game 20Q

Global toy company TCG has announced a new slate of 20Q products in time for the 30th anniversary of the classic electronic toy.

Under license from Irwin Toy, the firm is launching an updated version of the game including enhanced technology, as well as a fresh new look.

Three new editions of the game will also be released, featuring the 20Q Classic Edition, 20Q Rock & Roll Edition and 20Q Sports Edition.

“We’re thrilled to have 20Q in our line-up for 2018 and excited to introduce three different versions of the standout game to appeal to a wide range of players,” said Jessica Gavin, VP marketing & licensing, TCG. “20Q has been a hit since its 1988 debut, selling more than 30 million units worldwide, and we’re ‘playing’ on the concept with exciting offerings to captivate a whole new generation of consumers.”

The new trio of battery-operated, handheld 20Q gaming systems feature improved AI capabilities presented in enticing try-me packages to immediately engage users. Players think of an everyday object and answer 20Q’s questions. They can increase and decrease the speed of the questions posed and answer “yes,” “no,” “sometimes,” or “unknown” and the AI unit will provide the answer.

20Q is the newest game introduction from TCG, which is expanding its offerings to include a broad range of options for kids, families and adults as well as licensed products from the likes of Peppa Pig.

The new line will be available this fall at major retailers across the US and Canada.

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