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Zuru launches its new collectable toy line, 5 Surprise

Zuru is celebrating the launch of 5 Surprise, a new range of toys that combines the unboxing phenomenon with the current demand for collectable toys.

Each capsule in the range features five sealed segments, hiding five toys. The first series of 5 Surprise features 300 toys for kids to get their hands on.

Colour changing mermaids, toy plants, dress-up princesses, slime and putty, DIY jewellery, glow in the dark zombies, prank toys, action figure ninjas and sticky squishies each feature among the portfolio of 300 toys included within the range.

Renee Lee, global marketing manager for Zuru, said: “Each capsule is full of unknown surprises and the joy of unboxing new toys never ends with 5 Surprise.

“It’s a new way to present ‘blind pack’ collectables that is on trend with kids’ interests today. It perfectly captures the appeal of the unboxing phenomenon while allowing kids to collect, swap and share with their friends.”

The launch of 5 Surprise will be supported by a robust PR and marketing programme throughout April and May.

5 Surprise are priced at £5.99 each.

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