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Zuru names Tobar distributor for Tangles

Zuru has named Tobar exclusive distributor for Tangles in the UK. The firm is predicting a big year for the toy, given the fidget toy trend that has remained popular in the toy space over the past year.

Tangles are a classic toy, dating back to the 1980s, designed by the sculptor and inventor Richard X Zawitz. 

"This year, Tobar is predicting Tangles to burst back onto the scene as the hard-to-put-down fiddle toys build on last year’s fidget spinner phenomenon. On-trend yet retro, it’s the perfect time for the Tangle," read the statement from the firm.

Tobar will launch the new Wild Series, with exciting and vibrant animal prints to mix and match. They will join the Classic and Crazy, and Metallic ranges. All Tangles can be taken apart and mixed up, so the more you get, the more combinations there are.

“We pride ourselves in spotting the next big trends before they happen at Tobar, and with Tangles we know we’re onto a winner," David Mordecai, CEO of Tobar.

"Once you’ve picked one up, you’ll struggle to put it down. We’re extremely pleased to be working with Zuru this year as their sole UK distributor for such a fantastic and on-trend product.” 

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Tobar as our sole UK distributor. It’s set to be an exciting year for Tangles and we can’t wait to see our new fantastic Wild range launch,” added Will Collinson, marketing manager at Zuru.

Tangles are made up from several turning pieces that can be bent and twisted into near endless configurations. Tobar is hoping for playground hit for the product in 2018.

Finally, Zuru will launch a new series of television advertisements this year to introduce a new generation to all the fun that can be had with Tangles

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