Giraffe Insights launches Youth Squads research campaign with DC Thomson Media

Giraffe Insights, the youth, kids and family research agency, has launched its latest research project Youth Squads to better understand the seven to 14 demographic.

The campaign has been launched in partnership with DC Thomson Media which segments youth audience into key groups in helping brands to determine how best to communicate and engage with them.

As part of the Youth Squads study, Giraffe Insights identified commonalities that exist among young people, namely how they develop as they get older, the role family plays, the importance of friendship and the use of technology.

However, it is the extent to which these influences play a part in their lives that enabled the young people to be segmented into these new audience groups reflecting their differences in attitudes and behaviours.

The research leverages a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, including digital diaries and in-depth interviews with 64 young people aged between seven and 14 years, as well as Youth TGI data from Kantar Media with a sample size of 4,163.

Maxine Fox, managing director of Giraffe Insights, said: “The research demonstrates that although influences in young people’s lives are constantly evolving as a result of technological and societal change, a number remain constant, not least the essential role that friends and family play.

“This research provides a valuable tool for brands looking to understand younger audiences beyond their age and gender and how to most effectively communicate and engage with them.”

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