First UK shop to sell LEGO gets brick-makeover for the toy’s 60th anniversary

Independent toy retailer, Osborne’s Sports and Toys in Northamptonshire has been given a LEGO makeover, commemorating the brick’s 60th birthday.

The store was chosen by the Danish toymaker owing to its legacy as the first shop to sell the now iconic plastic building brick to the UK.

In 1960, Pam Osborne and her late husband, Jim, were on honeymoon in Brighton. The couple saw a LEGO brick at a trade fair showcasing new toys.

They immediately placed an order and their shop has sold LEGO products ever since. To mark the leap of faith made by the shop, now managed by the couple’s son, it has now been given a temporary LEGO facade.

Measuring nearly 14ft tall and 50ft wide, the new LEGO shop front contains 277,500 LEGO bricks and took more than 600 hours to build.

"I still can’t believe that they have been here and built it," Mrs Osborne told Sky News. "I think it’s absolutely incredible."

LEGO fans from across the UK flocked to visit Osborne’s new look shop front that will retain the LEGO facelift until the close of business hours on Monday, January 29th. 

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