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Sony enters toy space with educational tech toy Koov

Electronics giant, Sony is joining the educational toy fray with the launch of a new range of robotics designed to help teach kids coding.

It is the latest firm to throw its hat in the ring and develop a line of toys geared towards encouraging children into computer programming. Coding is increasingly becoming part of school curricula across the world, particularly in China.

Named Koov, the toy coding kit – developed by Sony Global Education – consists of blocks and electronic parts that can be put together to form different shaped robots. Then, using a dedicated app, kids can send pre-written programmes to their creations to make them move.

The products has been introduced at elementary and junior high schools as well as cram schools in cities like Beijing and Shanghai where kids are being encouraged to experiment and get comfortable with code.

Sony Global Education is marketing Koov through a new division set up at its Chinese unit and plans to cooperate with a professor at Peking University to develop related computer programmes to raise awareness within the country’s education industry. 

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