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Pebble Painting Kits could be first kids’ craze for 2018, says OnBuy

UK online marketplace, OnBuy has laid out its prediction for this year’s big toy craze: rocks.

More specifically, pebble painting kits that appear to be creating a fad among children and adults across the UK.

OnBuy reports that it has seen demand for its simple pebble painting package soar over recent weeks, as more and more people become aware of the fad through social media.

The game, often driven by Facebook and Instagram, sees people painting pebbles and hiding them around their local area for others to find, photograph and share on social media before re-hiding them for someone else to find.

The trend first emerged in the US but has since picked up steam here in the UK, with reports of coloured rocks being found everywhere from Devon, Dorset and Hampshire to Yorkshire, Norfolk and Scotland.

Cas Paton, managing director of OnBuy, said: “We think this creative craze looks set to continue and be the next big thing for 2018.

“It’s so much cheaper than some of the things we have seen catching the imagination in the past, anyone can go out and pick up pebbles from the beach, or even their own back gardens, and parents love it because it gets the kids away from their phones and tablets.

“It’s something that appeals to every generation, and the creative possibilities with the designs are endless.”

The Fantazer Stone Painting Kit is available from OnBuy for £6.49.

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