Marbel streamlines brand portfolio to gain ‘significant market success’ for 2018

Marbel has streamlined its brand portfolio for 2018 with a view of gaining ‘significant market success’ and strengthening its position for the coming year.

Marbel Toys was formed in 2002 and distributes a number of leading international toy brands in the UK and Irish market. It was acquired by Hape Toys earlier this year.

Under the new acquisition, Marbel has outlined its plans to continue to work with Pink Poppy, Nanoblock and Relevant Play, while focusing in Hape and the new brand Kathe Kruse. This means Marbel can concentrate on these priorities.

Christoph Bettin, Marbel MD, said: “This allows us to really concentrate on the brands that Hape and Marbel wish to gain significant market success with. I want to place on record my thanks for the brands we will no longer be working with and wish them all the best in the future.”

Bettin is currently MD of Marbel while also acting as Hape’s global marketing director.

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