Big Potato launches its first pop-up shop for board and party gamers in Shoreditch

Indie board game company Big Potato has set up a week-long residency in Shoreditch with the launch of a pop-up shop dedicated to its portfolio of games.

Housed in BoxPark, the new pop-up hosts the firm’s complete gaming line-up including Rainbow Rage, Bucket of Doom, The Chameleon and a few guest titles such as the Scandinavian classic Klask and the Dutch Kickstarter sensation, Foooty.

BoxPark is a jumble of shipping containers, famous for hosting pop-up restaurants and stores from famous brands and up-and-coming ones. It opened in 2011 and was the first pop-up store mall in the world.

Big Potato’s pop-up features a window full of potatoes, designed like a seaside peep board, where customers can poke their heads through for a funny photo opp.

Inside, visitors will find all ten of the company’s best-selling titles, including celebrity rhyming game Obama Llama and its latest party game Truth Bombs, made in collaboration with YouTube stars Dan & Phil.

The shop is open from Tuesday 21st to Sunday 26th of November and is situated 100 meters from the Big Potato head office.

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