Zuru announces X-Shot relaunch

Zuru has announced a full relaunch for its award-winning blaster toy brand X-Shot including new products, branding and website.

As the fastest growing non-licensed brand with sales of over 8 million blasters to date, the growth of X-Shot is expected to continue with an average of 85 per cent growth for the brand year on year.

Innovation and design are key and the rebrand will see new colours, competitive pricing and five new blaster launches in 2018. This includes the single shot ‘Recoil’’ and the auto-rotating 4-barrel ‘Fury 4’ for Spring and a really unique X-Shot Bug Attack line-extension for Fall. All Zuru’s X-Shot blaster range has had the inner mechanic’s revamped meaning they shoot further and the dart quantity within each pack has increased.

“We are extremely excited about the relaunch of X-Shot," commented Renee Lee, global marketing manager at Zuru.

"Over the past year the team has worked tirelessly to improve every element of the brand and we look forward to seeing the response from our customers and the blaster community. ZURU is investing heavily in manufacturing automation and are now able to make a blaster from start to finish through robots. This allows us to deliver market leading quality at a much low price which is making this category so much more accessible for children and adults alike."

The marketing push for X-Shot will span trade, digital and social media as well as a big retail presence. Zuru has also highlighted collaborations as a big part of ZURU’s marketing strategy into 2018.

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