Lottie Dolls answers call for toy box inclusivity with doll featuring cochlear implant

Lottie Dolls is answering the call for more inclusivity in a child’s toy box with the launch of a new doll featuring a cochlear implant.

The firm’s Mia the Wildlife Photographer has been created to reflect the brand’s mission of supplying toys that are inclusive of gender, ethnicity and ability.

However, while a major step forward in inclusivity terms, Mia’s cochlear implant is not the focal point of the doll, rather it is part of her overall story. A keen photographer, Mia has her own mission to encourage children to take an interest in nature and wildlife.

Part of this saw a mini newspaper created comprising of nature photos submitted by children as part of an international photography competition.

Mia was then created following a consultation with Toy Like Me, a UK non-profit who campaigns for diversity in the toy box for better representation of disabilities. ToyLikeMe was set up in 2015 by the BBC journalist and children’s writer, Rebecca Atkinson.

“When I was growing up in the 80s I never saw any deaf characters in toys, books or on TV,” said Atkinson.

“When I becamse a mum myself, I decided it was time things changed. I wanted the global toy industry to act, to better represent the 150 million children worldwide with disability and difference.”

Mia the Wildlife Photographer has been acknowledged in the International Design Awards, receiving both an Honourable Mention and a Silver.

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